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1. What are the requirements to participate?

Send us a photo of yourself in PNG or JPG format in the TotalEnergies ½ MARATÓN MÁLAGA 2023.

Follow the account @mediademalaga on Instagram.

2. How many categories will there be?

There will be two categories:

  • Female
  • Male

Each category will have a maximum of 40 photographs. In the event of receiving more than 40 photographs per category, the 40 that have been received before in each category will be entered into the competition.

3. When and how can I send my photograph?

By e-mail to All photographs that do not arrive by this method will not be entered in the competition.

Deadline for sending the photograph: Sunday 21 January In the e-mail you must indicate the following:


SUBJECT: Competition Category

In the body of the message:

Name and surname.

Instagram user name.

Province, nationality.



SUBJECT: Male Contest

John Bakes


London, UK


All emails that do not arrive with this subject and this information will not be part of the contest.

*Only one photograph per contestant will be accepted. In case of sending more than one, the organisation will choose the one it deems appropriate.

**The photographs will be adapted to the 1080×1080 px format.

***Photographs with a watermark will not be entered into the competition.

4. What will be the dynamics of the competition?

The first 40 photos in each category will be part of the competition in each category, which will be played in its entirety on the Instagram account of @mediademalaga.

If we receive more than 10 photos, there will be a first elimination phase. We will create random one-on-one heats in stories in which @mediademalaga followers will choose which photo goes through to the next round.

Once the heats are over, we will reach the final with a maximum of 10 photos.

5. When will the voting take place?

Between the end of January and the beginning of February.

6. How will the winner be chosen in the final of each category?

By popular vote on Instagram. There will be a maximum of 10 photos in the final of each category, which will be the winners of the previous heats.

Each photo will be assigned a number. It will be the users who will vote for the best photo in each category on the Instagram account @mediademalaga.

Only one vote per user will be counted.

7. How are the votes counted in the final of each category?

Using a web application, we export all the comments of the post to a Word document. Once we have them all, we make a first filter by number. Example: We filter by the number "2" and that gives us the result that the number "2" appears 500 times.

Once this first filter is done, we manually check the 500 times that the number "2" has been mentioned and discard "invalid votes". What would the "invalid votes" be? We explain below:

Repeated votes (one vote per user).

The times that number appears unintentionally. Example:


@pepito222: I vote for number 3 because it is the best of the 21K.


In this example, the number "2" appears four times, but it is not that "@pepito222" wants to vote for the number "2", but that in his own user name the number "2" appears three times and he has also written "21K". So, following this example, the four times the number "2" appears in this case, would be "invalid votes". Just like the vote for the number "1".

The real vote, the one that counts, is number "3".

The organisation undertakes to give the result of the winner, but not the totality of the votes for each photograph. The organisation will be able to send the document with the totality of the votes to the people who ask for it.

8. What is the prize?

The winners of each category will receive as a prize a pack of products to collect at the TotalEnergies ½ MARATÓN DE MÁLAGA 2024 Runner's Fair.


*Under no circumstances will the prize be sent to the winner's home address, it must be collected at the TotalEnergies ½ MARATÓN DE MÁLAGA 2024 Runner's Fair.

*The specific place and date will be informed at a later date.

9. Changes and Acceptance of Legal Bases

The organisers reserve the right to modify or extend these Terms and Conditions, insofar as they do not prejudice or undermine the rights of the Participants in the Competition. The mere fact of participating in the Competition implies that the Participant fully accepts the conditions of these Terms and Conditions. Likewise, participation in a Competition of this nature implies acceptance of the rules of the Instagram social network through which the Competition takes place.

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